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PVC Pipes and Fittings Manufacturer

25 Jul

Shand groups are well developed company of PVP pipes & Fittings based in India. We are the best quality PVC Pipes & Fittings Manufacturer India. All of us source many PVC pipes, pipes and fittings, water containers and storage tanks. All of us utilize excellent organic materials regarding fabricating the number to have premium quality. Spectra are the desired alternative regarding beneficial experience in manufacturing modern as well as cost-effective conduit techniques.

Shand group is became the first company of providing service for PVC pipes are popular materials for architect for many years due its physical and technical properties which provides excellent advantages. Our products match in order to all international standards for safety and health. Shand group is offering service for PVC Pipes & Fittings Manufacturer.

For more info: http://www.shandgroup.com/

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